Virtual reality is the latest tech trend to take the world by storm. With a simple headset, you can find yourself completely immersed in strange new worlds full of different sights, sounds, and colors. But, while you can visit all of these incredible places, VR has also become a great tool for us at J. Thomas Homes. Thanks to a special VR camera and the amazing team at Matterport, it’s now possible to view our homes and communities from any computer or mobile device!

When you are touring a new model, you want to get a feel for the house as a whole. You’ll explore each room, check out the backyard, and see if this is a place you could be happy living in. Well, with virtual reality tours, all of that is possible from your computer screen! With just a few clicks, you can get the same experience as if you were there in person.

Viewing models can be a time consuming process, but it’s one that is completely necessary for someone looking to purchase a new home. But, with the right technology, that time consuming process could be cut down from days, to hours, to even minutes!

For a glimpse at what we are doing, click here to take a virtual tour of one of the beautiful homes available at The Cove at Rock Creek! Soon, all of our models will available for VR tours letting you visit any of our homes from wherever is most convenient for you!

At J. Thomas Homes, we take pride in building the homes people want to live in, and with VR, we can make the home buying process that much easier for you! For more information about our models or communities, contact us today and start working alongside some of Utah’s most capable home building experts.