Residents of Cache Valley experience an overall lower cost of living than many comparable areas in the country, a booming economy and lower crime rate.

Within Cache Valley lies Smithfield Ridges, a community by J. Thomas Homes, located in the heart of the valley, an idyllic agricultural valley in Northern Utah. Smithfield Ridges offers lots in Smithfield and Logan near Dry Canyon, and this location provides beautiful views of surrounding mountains and vistas. In fact, the sprawling views that wander down, deeper into the valley, are one of the top reasons that people choose to live in Smithfield Ridges.

Cache Valley is an outdoors enthusiast’s paradise. The home of Bear Lake, Beaver Mountain Ski Area, Cherry Peak Resort, along with hundreds of hiking, biking, and horse riding trails, Cache Valley offers endless entertainment available for the whole family such as live performances, community and art festivals.

Smithfield Ridges is part of the much bigger lifestyle community of Cache Valley. It’s a great place for people of all ages to grow up and connect with the natural environment around them.

This community isn’t just about the scenery, however, Smithfield has always contained some of the least expensive real estate in Cache Valley, and our choice to build there has allowed us to pass those savings on to you. You can rest assured that you’ll have fantastic views with all of the quality you can rely on with a J. Thomas home without worrying about the typical cost of Cache Valley.

In addition to Cache Valley’s natural scenery, it also is home to Highways US-89 and US-91, the latter of which connects to Interstate I-15. Cache Valley’s highway system hearkens back to the old United States highway culture, where life moves peacefully and everyone is friendly. If this sounds like the community for you, come on down to Smithfield Ridges.

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