Imagine coming home each day to your dream home. A clean and luxurious space free of clutter. As soon as you step through the front door each day, all your worries disappear and now you can finally relax. That is what home is supposed to feel like. The environment you create around you truly is EVERYTHING.

A popular philosophy and ancient practice related to this is called Feng Shui. A term coined by the Chinese culture over 3,000 years ago! Feng Shui is associated with good health and fortune. It is a practice that gives great knowledge on how to stay balanced- at home, in the office, or any other environment. It’s all about rearranging your home in a specific way that will bring you the most comfort, peace, and happiness.



We know this and have expert knowledge on how to create the BEST “Feng Shui ” the J. Thomas way! From our custom made features to the way we design each unique floor plan, we work hard to build the most livable, walk-able, and functional homes! Not only do we create the most luxurious homes, but we build them at an affordable price as well.



Here are just a few of our TOP custom made features that will meet all your comfort and aesthetically pleasing needs!

Custom Cabinets

Do you love the trendy white cabinet style? Or do you love black or cherry wood cabinets? Whatever your style or dream design is- we build each cabinet from scratch and promise the very best quality!

Take a peek at just a few of our spectacular designs below!

J. Thomas Homes is not just in the home building business we’re in the making –people –happy business.  Nothing makes a more powerful statement about the quality and uniqueness of your home than your Cabinet doors; they are the most visible part of your cabinetry and the most defining element in defining your style and bringing your personality to life. J. Thomas Homes eliminates the middle man and controls their quality by having their own in-house cabinet door manufacturing shop.  We use the highest and best selective grade in lumber and are passionate in helping our homebuyers create their ideal living space and making their house a home.

To learn more about our cabinet doors, click here:



Beautiful Counter Tops

J. Thomas Homes has a fully automated granite & quartz fabrication and installation shop at our corporate headquarters.  We rely on years of precision and expertise to make your gorgeous counters pop. Everyone of our homes include granite or quartz counter tops in the kitchen, family bathroom and master bath suite.


At our foundation we love working with classic stone. All of our Select Surface options come straight from The Land of the Palms. Viva o Brasil! With our Signature Surfaces we expand our love for stone into the entire world. From the mountains of India to the mountains of Spain, we have scoured the earth to bring you the very best stone our earth has to offer. To sweeten the deal we have also added our most popular white quartz options. If anything is “In” it’s definitely quartz, some popular options are: Carrerra Marble, Lyskamm, Vegas, and Tranquility.



Spacious Floor Plans

Whether its in our spacious town homes or single family homes, J Thomas Homes provides the most comfortable and spacious floor plans! 

Many of J Thomas Homes floor plans offer an open and spacious flow to the main level with high ceilings, craftsman finishes, and huge windows to bring in natural light. Some of these homes even offer beautiful views of the Mountains and entire valley!

This home pictured below is highlighted by the kitchen that features custom cabinets, gas stove, SS oven, granite counter tops and a huge island for entertaining!




This is just touching the surface of all the spectacular features J Thomas Homes delivers. If you are ready to “Feng Shui the J Thomas Way”, give us a call today! 801-383-3252 or visit our website to see our different communities, models, floor plans, and more: