Looking for the Latest Kitchen Trends? Look No Further!

Do you remember a time when kitchens used to be built in the back? The old school kitchen; a secluded, private area where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed. Fast forward to 2018, the kitchens have become the focal point of the house, where people socialize, share laughs and prepare meals together. Nowadays, the kitchen is promoted as a focal living room space to get together with friends and family.

With that being said, below is a collection of our favorite kitchen trends so be sure to read through it and let us know which one’s your favorite trend!

Bold and Vibrant Colors


Although the white out kitchen style is modern and ultra clean, we have been seeing bold and vibrant colors come back with a splash! Take a look at how wonderfully fresh the yellow accent door is against the grays and whites of this kitchen. Even painting one wall with a bold color can easily brighten up a kitchen and bring more warmth and style!

Kitchen Shelving


Unique ways of organizing pots and pans are very much in this year. We’ve been seeing kitchens that combine the use of cabinetry and open shelving to add a pop of personality and refinement. It is key to keep the shelves balanced meaning not to overcrowd them to prevent the kitchen looking clustered and too busy. What a great way to store your most used items where it is easy accessible as well!

Blue Hues


From teal to navy, royal or cobalt blue, we’ve been seeing great use of these beautiful blue hues in the kitchen space. ‘Undoubtedly the biggest colour trend the industry has seen this year is the desire to have blue in the kitchen,’ reveals BA Components. For a dramatic and bold statement while maintaining a cool calm atmosphere, blues are taking a firm stance this year.

Matte Finishes


There’s just something so sleek about mixing smooth pieces with matte pieces. Whether it’s kitchen appliances that are matte finished, matte faucets within a slick sink, there is no limit. “It’s all about matte black: kitchen islands, hardware, faucets, and refrigerators,” explains Homepolish designer Armann Ortega. “Paired with glossed countertop or glazed backsplashes, the matte finish adds a contemporary twist.”

World-Inspired Backsplashes


The classic tiled backsplash, although pretty, is starting to lose its popularity whereas travel or globally-inspired backsplash patterns are trending more than ever. More specifically, the Spanish-style tiles in the kitchen are making a strong come back and not going anymore for the rest of the year.