As the fastest growing state in the nation, Utah has become a place where homes are in high demand. But, with so many people moving in at one time, we are now experiencing a housing shortage that has made it extremely difficult for people find a place to settle down. Sadly, some home construction companies have taken advantage of this situation and have begun to charge higher and higher prices for limited housing. And while Utah is still a starter home market, this has forced more and more families to opt for rentals or living with family members.

On top of everything else, Utah has quickly become a seller’s market. Even when you find your dream house, there is sure to be a bidding war where sellers will jack up prices beyond their original asking price.

To beat the Utah housing shortage, some professionals will recommend that you take out a pricy loan or simply wait until something changes. But, at J Thomas Homes, we believe in giving people a product they love at a price they can afford. We recognize that Utah is a beautiful location perfect for raising a family and we don’t want living here to be a luxury. Instead, when you work with J Thomas Homes you can be sure that you are getting a fair deal on a home that is specifically designed and fine-tailored to your preferences.

With communities already spread over the Wasatch Front and new ones popping up all over Utah, there is no shortage of J Thomas homes. If you are looking to move into one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, don’t settle for a high priced bidding war. Beat the Utah housing shortage and contact us today so you can start working alongside some Utah’s most capable home building experts.

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