Peter Dettore, J. Thomas Homes Sales, Service and Marketing

Many people looking to build a new home are not aware that most home builders continue building right through the winter months here in Cache Valley. In the past, waiting until the ground thawed and spring weather arrived seemed like a logical thing to do. However, if you drive around Cache Valley in the ice, cold, and snow, you will see most construction continues right through the colder months.

Twenty years ago, it made sense to close up the home building business when the weather got cold and start planning ahead for the warm spring. However, in today’s job climate, quality workers won’t stick with a single builder if builders can’t keep them working year round. Builders depend on these workers to deliver the trades and finishes for the high quality homes customers are hiring them to build. So, losing a dependable worker to a competitor who is offering the opportunity to work year round could have a long-term negative impact.

Technological advances in construction equipment and tools have made winter home building much more simple. Ground heaters, concrete blankets, and high tech additives allow driveways, sidewalks, patios and foundations all to be poured in the winter months. Travis Blakely, who has poured concrete for years in Cache Valley, explained that snow sitting on the ground actually provides insulation from a deep cold snap. Travis shared that the tools exist to make his job easier in the cold weather. “It’s not the cold or snow that I don’t like, it’s the mess and mud that winters bring”, shared Blakely.

Here some benefits to going ahead with winter home building:

  • Starting in December or January will have the home finished by April/May which lines up with the end of the school year allowing you to be in your new home for the entire summer.
  • Moving into a new construction home in the early spring will allow you to get a jump start on your yard and landscaping.
  • Builders may offer incentives to keep their construction team working through the winter.

Here are a few things to consider when starting a new construction home in the winter months.

  • Does the builder be carrying the construction loan for you to avoid paying unnecessary interest during the build process?
  • Will the utilities be in the builder’s name until the home is complete to avoid having to pay high heating and electrical bills during construction?

Building a home should be an enjoyable experience for your entire family. Talk to your builder about any concerns you have about any season construction to be sure you understand the process. Communication is the most important part of a successful build. Call a J. Thomas Homes representative for more information about winter home building with Utah’s premier home builder.