Purchasing a new home is beginning to come with more benefits than ever before. Potential homebuyers have always faced the decision between buying a new or used model, but with today’s market and the available amenities, it might be the better option to pick out a new home. Here are four reasons why it may be a better idea to buy a new home:

Dream Home Design

Buying a new home means that you are the ultimate decision maker when it comes to all things design. Instead of settling with what has already been decided in an older home, you are able to choose everything from floor plans to paint colors in a home of your own design. Whether it’s a first home or a home upgrade, purchasing a completely new home offers independence without the hassle and costs of remodeling an older home.

Warranty Protection

Purchasing a new home means that everything is going to be protected by a warranty. Roof leaking? Get it replaced without having to pay thousands out of pocket. Warranties that come with new home offer a great host of protections that you just aren’t going to easily find in a used home.

Community Amenities

Many new homes are available in larger communities that offer all kinds of extra amenities. Things like pools, parks, and walking trails might be right next door in many of the new communities that are springing up all over. It’s entirely possible to find these amenities close to a used home, but that process is becoming more difficult and expensive with each passing year.


A new home is going to come with completely new wiring, heating, air conditioning, and lighting. Faulty equipment is seldom a concern in a new house while it can be one of the greatest concerns when looking for a used model. You can skip the worry and start things off on the right foot when you buy a new home.


New homes offer the latest and greatest amenities while also protecting you from accidents and potential remodeling costs. To discover how you can start search for the new home you’ve always wanted, check out our full list of available models at www.jthomashomes.com.